Store your cat’s DNA information in a tactical cat harness

Tactical cat harnesses are the real deal for adventurous kitties. They have secret pockets, you know? And guess what? You can stash some crucial stuff in there. One cool trick is to keep your cat’s DNA information handy. It might sound fancy, but it’s smart—like a secret agent for your furry buddy.


So, let’s break it down: how to tuck away your cat’s DNA in that snazzy tactical cat harness.

Get Your Gear

First things first, gather your gear.

Tactical cat harness (the one with the secret stash pocket)

Cat’s DNA sample (collected with a cheek swab)

A little waterproof box

A tag with ID deets

Prep the DNA

You need a good DNA sample. Use a cheek swab—that’s a fancy Q-tip thingy. Swab your cat’s cheek just like you’d do with your ear—be gentle and get enough spit to do the job.

Label the box

Take that waterproof box and put your cat’s name, your number, and any health stuff you think is important. This label is your cat’s secret code; it tells people how to reach you or help your kitty out.

Lock It Up

Put the DNA sample—that’s the swab—into your labeled waterproof box. Seal it up tight, so it stays dry and safe, even if things get splashy.

Hide It in the Harness

Okay, now here’s the cool part. Your tactical cat harness has a hidden pocket, like a secret agent’s holster. Find it and carefully tuck the box with your cat’s DNA inside. Make sure it’s snug, so it won’t fall out during ninja moves.

Do a shake test

Before your cat goes on their next mission, give the harness a little shake. Make sure that DNA box isn’t going anywhere. We don’t want any accidental drops.

Fit the harness

Put the harness on your cat. It’s like a snug vest. Adjust the straps until they’re comfy but not too tight. You want your cat to feel free to roam.


Keeping your cat’s DNA in that tactical cat harness is like having an ace up your sleeve. If your feline explorer goes on an adventure or needs some help, that DNA information could be a lifesaver. So, follow these steps, stash the DNA safely, and let your cool cat roam with confidence.



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