Teach Your Pooch to Fetch: Easy Steps for Chase Dog Toy Fun

Alright, let’s talk about one of the coolest games you can play with your dog: fetch! You throw a chase dog toy, and your furry buddy goes nuts trying to catch it.


But here’s the point: getting your pup to bring it back Those are some simple steps that come to mind to solve it.

Pick the Right Toy

Start by choosing a chase dog toy that your dog likes. Balls, frisbees, or whatever gets their tail wagging works.

Know the Basics

Before the fetch fun, make sure your dog has the basics of knowledge, like “sit,” “stay,” and “come. These will be your secret weapons during training.

Get Their Attention

Find a quiet spot where your dog can focus. Call their name, toss some treats, or just act all exciting to get their attention.

Show Off the Toy

Let your dog check out the toy. Show it to them, give ’em a sniff, and play around with it for a sec. Make them curious.

Short Throws First

Start with baby throws. Toss the toy just a short distance away and yell “Fetch!” or whatever word you like. Keep it snappy and exciting.

Cheer them on

When your dog takes off after the toy, give them a big round of applause. Throw in a treat and a pat on the head. Let them feel like champs.

Reward and Praise

Once they’ve got the toy, throw a mini-party. Toss them a treat, gush about how awesome they are—basically, make it rain with love.

Practice the return

Now, here comes the fun part—getting your dog to bring that treasure back to you. Use the “come” command or just call their name followed by “come.”

Keep the Positivity Flowing

When they’re on their way back, keep the good vibes coming. Treats, pats, and heaps of praise—make it a grand welcome.

Stay cool

If your pup doesn’t rush back with the toy, don’t sweat it. Stay cool; no scolding. Just redo the “come” thing and give ’em another chance.

Boost the Distance

Once they’re proficient at short distances, gradually throw the toy farther away. Challenge accepted!

Make it a habit

Don’t be a stranger to fetch. Regular practice helps lock in the training.

The Drop It Command

Teach your dog to let go of the toy when you say “drop it. Treats as a reward when they do.

Keep the Fun Flowing

Remember, fetch is all about a good time. Keep it fun for you both. If your dog loses interest, no biggie; try again later.

Be consistent

Stick with the same commands and rewards every time. Consistency is like the secret sauce in dog training.


With a little time, patience, and a sprinkle of treats, your pup will be a fetch superstar, bringing back that chase dog toy like a pro. Enjoy the bonding and exercise that come with this classic game!




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