Stop Bugs Munching on Your Dog Boat Ramp

Dog boat ramps, a must-have for water-loving pet owners, are super handy. But there’s a pesky problem: insects love to chow down on them!


No worries, though—we’ve got you covered with these simple tips to keep those wooden dog boat ramps bug-free.

Wood Wisdom

So, the first thing is picking the right wood. Go for tough cookies like oak or cedar; insects aren’t their biggest fans. Avoid softies like pine or spruce; they’re like a bug buffet.

Seal the deal

Give your ramp a nice coat of sealant or wood finish. It not only makes your ramp sturdy but also tells insects, “Hands off!” Don’t forget to reapply the sealant when needed, especially if your ramp gets a lot of splashes.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Bugs are drawn to dirt and grime. So, get scrubbing! A bit of soapy water should do the trick. Rinse well, and your ramp will be less appealing to those pesky critters.

Spot the Spots

Keep an eye out for any cracks or holes where bugs might set up camp. If you spot trouble, patch it up quick with some wood filler or outdoor-grade patching stuff.

Up in the Air

Elevate your ramp a smidge above ground level. Bugs can’t chew what they can’t reach! Prop it up with blocks or supports when it’s not in use.

Bug-Be-Gone Oils

Bugs hate certain oils. Rub a bit of cedarwood or eucalyptus oil on your ramp’s wood; it’ll smell nice to you but terrible to insects.

Try different stuff

If those bugs just won’t quit, think about a different kind of ramp. Composite or plastic ramps give bugs the cold shoulder. They’re low-maintenance too!

Ramp Retreat

When your dog’s boat ramp is chilling, keep it cozy in a dry, cool spot. Don’t let it soak up moisture outside—bugs love a damp feast.

TLC Matters

Give your ramp some regular TLC—a little sanding, a fresh finish—to keep it smooth and less inviting to bugs.


In a nutshell, protecting your wooden dog boat ramp from bug attacks is key to keeping it safe and sound. By choosing the right wood, sealing the deal, staying clean, and using these tricks, you’ll have a bug-free ramp for endless adventures with your four-legged water buddy.



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